A Culinary and Retail Tour: Somerset, Calgary

Somerset may be nestled in Calgary’s southern region, but its shopping and dining scene is nothing short of cosmopolitan. Let’s uncover the culinary delights and retail therapy Somerset has to offer.

H2: Local Markets and Shops

One of Somerset’s charms is its local markets. Stroll down the streets, and you’ll find boutiques showcasing handcrafted goods, fresh produce stalls, and even artisanal bakeries.

H3: Somerset Square: Retail Central

This bustling hub is where Somerset residents head for their shopping needs. From fashion outlets to electronic stores, Somerset Square offers a diverse retail experience.

H2: Dine in Somerset: A Culinary Adventure

Food lovers rejoice! Somerset’s dining scene is a melange of cultures.

H3: Maple Bistro: Canadian Delights

For those craving local flavors, Maple Bistro is the go-to place. Known for its poutines and maple-infused dishes, this eatery encapsulates Canadian culinary essence.

H3: Blue Lotus: Asian Fusion

Offering a mix of Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese, Blue Lotus is perfect for those looking to spice things up. Their signature pho and spring rolls are town favorites.

H3: La Piazza: Italian Haven

Craving pasta or a wood-fired pizza? La Piazza promises an authentic Italian dining experience right in the heart of Somerset.

H2: Cafes and Coffee Shops

Somerset’s coffee scene is buzzing. From independent coffee houses like Somerset Brews to popular chains, there’s a café spot for every coffee aficionado.

H2: Nightlife in Somerset

While Somerset is predominantly a family-centric community, it doesn’t shy away from offering nightlife options. Local bars and lounges provide residents with places to relax and socialize after sunset.

H2: Future Dining and Shopping Expansions

Somerset’s popularity has led to a surge in commercial establishments. Upcoming plans include a gourmet food market, more ethnic eateries, and expanded shopping avenues.

H2: In Conclusion

Whether you’re seeking a sumptuous meal, a caffeine fix, or a shopping spree, Somerset, Calgary does not disappoint. The community offers an enriching blend of local and global, ensuring residents and visitors are always spoilt for choice.